Welcome to pick wild berries and mushrooms in Finland with us

If you are physically hard working person, a farmer for instance and you are willing and capable of doing long working days, it is possible for you to earn even thousands of euros of money in Finland by picking wild berries and mushrooms. Bilberries some call it blueberry, cloudberries, lingonberries and many different mushrooms.

See the introduction video

As you can see in this video, it is not just a work for anyone. Nothing comes for free in wild berry picking.  Money comes only from your own results of work. You are carrying the responsibility of making income yourself.  The one who is hungry for a work will earn well on picking wild berries and mushrooms.

In Finland it is possible and all legal to go any forest with every man's right to pick mushrooms and berries to yourself. These products belongs to you after you have picked them and you can sell them and earn money this way. No matter who ownes the forest.

All have right do picking of forest berries and mushrooms in Finland. Picking forest berries and mushrooms is not a job under a work contract relationship between employer and employee. It is done as an entrepreneural work. A picker doesn't need to have a working permit in Finland to do picking in here and earning money by doing it. This is an exception to normal, because picking is done on everyman's right in Finland.

Picking season starts normally in Lapland of Finland between middle of July and at the end of  of July with cloudberries, continues with bilberry at August and ends at the end of September with lingonberry. It is possible  that there could be some changes to our final schedule because of changes in berry ripening times, changes in qualities of berries and berry market situation changes in Finland.

Our concept for you

When you come to us, you will be a member of a berry picking group who will do picking of many different sort of berries and mushrooms from forest from places you have found yourself. You will travel every morning with your group to the forest and come back to the camp in the evening time to sell berries and mushrooms you have picked during the day. 

You need to have a place to sleep, a vehicle to travel, tools to do picking and a place to sell your products to be able to do picking in Finland for earning purposes. All this we have for you.  We are keeping our service prices for you as low as possible, much lower than normal rental prices in Finland are. We think you can not find any cheaper prices for cars and accommodations in Finland than ours are. Our rental cars are modest, mostly cars from 90's to make it cheap for you. Also, in this case you don't need to worry if cars have some small scratches or dimples after use. Normal room rent prices in Finland are also many times higher than ours are now for you. So, of course you can't expect the same standard level from these places, when the price is only part from the normal price.

We are paying normal common picker prices for all berries and mushrooms we are buying from you. We are not your employer, but a berry buyer and a service provider.

We are expecting to have hard working pickers in here who will make maximal possible savings for themselves after the season is over.

How to join us to do picking